How does Tonio work?

With Tonio, sound becomes intelligent. With an audible code interwoven into your regular audio signal you can send information from tv channels or radio stations. Smartphones or tablets with the Tonio app or another app with integrated Tonio functionality can decode the signal and display information sent. Tonio turns your mobile device into a true second screen, or for radio stations even the first screen.

Who is behind Tonio?

Tonio is a Austrian Start up from Vienna. It was founded by the media producer and owner of LoungeFM Florian Novak in 2014.

Dr. Florian Novak


Dominik Meissner



Everything we do, we do inhouse. We regard the development of our technology as a continuous process, with the goal to establish Tonio as the standard for information transmission with an audio signal.


Tonio licenses the use of our technology to radio stations, tv channels, movie theaters or music labels. This way, we can ensure a seamless integration into their workflows.

Campaigns & Media Concepts

Applications of our technology are almost indefinite. Fulfilling our client's desire for digital innovations, we create every day new media concepts and deliver them ready for use.


If it’s labeled Tonio, there is Tonio inside. Not only our own app, we offer a SDK what allows you to integrate the Tonio functionality into your app. Our only condition: the activation button should be labeled Tonio - This way your users know that they receive complementary information from there on.