One idea —
indefinite possibilities

With Tonio, TV channels, radio stations or music labels can send synchronized information next to their content onto your smartphone or tablet

Silent for the human ear, your mobile device decodes the information, while you watch or listen to the program: website links, coupons, tickets, photos, subtitles, music covers, video streams, e-books, Facebook status updates, trivia questions, apps … there are virtually no limits for complementary information or even e-commerce links along with your program.

Tonio does it.

Movie theaters

Background information for commercials or programs, trivia questions, sweepstakes…


EPGs, real time votings, sweepstakes, trivia questions, more background information about movies, actors etc


Breaking news, live streams, opinion pools, photos, “whats on right now?”


Online purchases, links to artist’s websites, ticketing, lyrics


Instant replay at sport events, merchandising promotions at live concerts

Demo quiz

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