Tonio is the absolute best way to receive information on your mobile device via the audio signal from your radio or TV.
Yes, Tonio is already fully functional. Only prerequisite is the TV channel or radio station supporting the technology and transmitting the coded information.
Tonio is available for Apple’s iOS and Android devices. You can install the app right here: Currently we don’t plan to release a Windows Phone App.
No! Tonio is using the microphone to receive the information from the radio or TV signal in real time within the App. It does not record or send any data. Your private conversations stay what they are: Private
We are in advanced talks with various stations and plan a joint launch in some markets. Stay tuned and follow for more updates soon.
Our technology works on every digital and analogue system: VHF, DAB(+), cable, satellite, internet streaming – No problem!
Yes! Tonio can be integrated in every existing app. There is no need for an additional app.
At the moment you need a mobile data connection or Wifi to display content that is received via the audio signal. In our next version we plan to store certain information inside the app already. This way you won’t need an active internet connection anymore. With the incoming audio signal, content will be automatically loaded and shown.
Tonio works for many applications: schedule pre-timed events, trigger content synchronized with a broadcast, or continuously encode one or more signals. Our solutions work within your own apps, or you can use ours.

Sending links right to users’ mobile applications over audio using Tonio requires only a couple of steps. . Use the Pretty specific creator’s guide by answering a few simple questions about your project.