October 2018 – Adventures With Tonio

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Tonio Goes Silicon Valley
…and Beyond!

The team at Tonio has been busy supporting our partners as they carve new niches into the media landscape and showing off the magic of tone with information. Read all about why we came to the US and find out where you can experience an in-person demo of Tonio.

The Wireless Ones – Wifi, bluetooth, and Tonio

As we spread the global standard of sharing data via audio, we realized Silicon Valley is the place to be! It’s home to tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook – as well as thousands of startups. With all the groundbreaking happening in media and mobile technology, we just had to be where the action is.

Like the mining prospectors who once flocked to the west coast, some among those startups are sure to strike gold by creating something new to shape the way we live, do business, and express ourselves. We believe delivering mobile users media without asking them to provide any personal info is a worthy contribution to the corridor of innovation.

Like the Golden Gate Bridge,
Silicon Valley brings us together through the wonder of technology.

We instantly started meeting with with innovators and potential future partners. Everyone we spoke with about sharing data over audio agreed that our approach is both exciting to use and necessary for adequately protecting users’ personal information.

Creators should compete with their content, not their consumer data. Our goal is to create a global standard for sharing data via audio, placing convenience and privacy at the helm. We’re looking ahead to a future where sending data via audio inaudible and in real time without asking for a login, an IP address, an email address, etc. is a very convenient, but exciting way.
Want to chat more about our vision? Please, contact us. We’d love to tell you more!

We’re ready for Munich Media Days, are you?

Tonio founder & CEO Dr. Florian Novak will speak at Media Munich Media Days, presenting on Thursday along with other Rockets & Unicorns startups:

  • See the magic of a unique second-screen experience.
  • Learn how Tonio is perfectly timed and completely secure.
  • Hear about how versatile our tech is for enhancing any media experience.

Catch us Oct. 25 5-5:15pm on the Innovation Stage. Add to your iCal.

We’re bringing along our mobile experience to join in all of the excitement.

Just install the Tonio app and listen for us with the new Soundbike!

Come learn, network, and be inspired.

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Thanks for keeping up with us. We hope to see you in our travels!