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In by Florian Novak

An impressive display of innovation and new ideas for radio broadcasting just happened at the very first Radio Hack Europe, right before the European Radiodays in Amsterdam this year.

Of course Tonio was on board, when radio enthusiasts from all over the continent pitched and discussed ideas for new applications in broadcasting. Our project achieved an honourable 2nd prize and made another important world premiere: We went online as one of the very first .radio-domains.

We started our project with the question: How can we make analogue radio more “shareable”?

“Shareable”, as in forwarding it via email, Facebook or Whatsapp? Naturally, every audio link woulb be also available to bookmarking, so the user could listen to it later.


In our approach, we enhanced the original audio with an inaudible time code throught our Tonio technology. With this timecode the user is sent to a landing page – in our case – that is specifically designed for mobile devices , with a very straight forward and simple menu navigation. turns the listener into an active user, who can decide where to share the content: Pressing the share button and he’s directed to the player, where, invisible for him, the time code is updated in 10-second intervals, ensuring a constant syncronization.

Of course this requires the radio broadcaster to support delayed consumption on his player to which we could link our service.

As long as copy right doesn’t prohibit such service, it would be also possible to offer the radio broadcast through a third party service provider.

For those reasons, we decided for our demo here to go with a news broadcast of the Austrian broadcaster Ö1.

To test it, simply install the Tonio app on your mobile device and play this short audio sequence:


(This works until May 24th)


Alternatively, you can experience the second screen radio also in this short video:



For helping this project come to live I want to thank Hans Oberberger, Werner Staub and of course the whole Tonio Team – Thank you all!


Furthermore, thanks to the organization from BLM for an amazing job setting up the first Radio Hack Europe – Innovation needs the right environment and they certainly created a perfect one.