Tonio and the Summer Challenge

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The Summer We’ll Never Forget

Tonio worked with one of the world’s favorite networks on a novel promotion that rewards loyal viewers with fun.

Turner is a world champion among film and television producers. Their cable channel Cartoon Network produces original cartoons that have developed kids programming into a branding powerhouse that’s charmed multiple generations.

CN originals are famously clever, chock with pop culture references, jokes that work on many levels, and even fourth-wall breaks. It makes sense for Turner to be the ones to take TV-themed mobile apps to the next level.

We were honored to team up with CN’s marketing team and app developers to provide the tech driving a brand new kind of multimedia experience, a game viewers play along with new summer programming.
Summer Challenge is a free app which uses Tonio to activate multiple choice questions about the episode on the screen.

Parents, relax.

Apps using Tonio deliver content without compromising privacy. Kids (and adults) are inundated with games, tools, and miscellaneous “smileys” we unwittingly allow to import our contact lists, browser histories, and even our geolocation. A device running Tonio listens only for Tonio signals; the mic doesn’t recognize or record voices, music, etc.

Client satisfaction is the only trophy we need!

Like top-scoring players, we at Tonio are proud of how successful this collaboration has been. Combined, Android and iOS users account for nearly a quarter-million downloads.
Every week during the promotion, tens of thousands of kids registered hundreds of thousands of launches.

Overall engagement peaked the second week, with over 169,000 unique app launches. Unique visitors, however, peaked in the middle at over 56,000 individual users.

Building a new platform to engage the audience means more to Turner than just fun and games. Pioneering second-screen gaming apps presents big opportunities:
• A new platform to offer third-party ads
• Scalable promotions that can be reproduced in other markets at little or no cost
• Breaking ground for creating a major brand-interaction experience
• A new frontier to keep Cartoon Network’s loyal core fanbase engaged

Want to play games with your audience?

Does Summer Challenge give you any ideas about an all-new multimedia experience? Talk to our team about your goals and we’ll collaborate on something fresh and exciting.

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