Tonio in action

Some examples how Tonio is used already - Be inspired!

A movie theater as a quiz hall

Apart from chatting with friends, smartphones fill the gaps while waiting for the movie to start. With Tonio your movie screen connects with smartphones: Quizzes, background infos to the commercials running, calendar entries for the upcoming movie releases. Tonio redefines the movie theater experience.

Idea: You challenge your seat neighbor in quizzes and games. At the end of the preliminary program a winner can be announced on the large screen.

What’s airing right now?

With Tonio radio stations can sync their playout and share titles, lyrics and other infos to the current song on the smartphones of their listeners.

Idea: While the latest Adele song in on air, your radio station app offers tour dates, tickets for the upcoming tour from a partnering ticket office or the music video. A complete new experience for your listener around his (currently) favorite song.

The visible radio signal

Breaking news from elections, traffic jams or updates in an emergency situation? Live votings on the song playing next? With Tonio you can send background info synchronized with your live program and set up an interactive backchannel.

Idea: Not only traffic jams 4 kilometers or longer. With the Tonio functionality, you can send updates in real time onto the smartphone. With location services even personalized for every user and fully autonomous.

No foul – guaranteed!

We reinvent live events. During games or concerts Tonio allows you to send replays, lyrics or links to merchandising stores to the crowd - Live event experience doubled.

Idea: Spectators at the match from Germany and the Netherlands can replay a scene inside the penalty area and discuss it with their seat neighbors.

A true audience joker

A mobile device as a second screen is the perfect platform to send complementary information - ideally independent from the broadcasting channel synced to the split of a second. Live voting, shopping, trivia questions, EPG infos or even to set up a date for a test drive while watching the JEEP commercial. Tonio sends information live or on-demand on your second screen at home.

Idea: How about a host of a quiz show does not only ask the audience in the studio as a joker, but all the people watching the show from home? Quiz show 2.0!