Jobs at Tonio

Global standard for data over audio

Tonio revolutionizes the world of broadcasting and beyond forever: Transmitting data over audio. Our vision is to establish a global standard like Wifi or bluetooth. It is imperceptible for the human brains, but understood by every smartphone. We will establish the most convenient way to receive information on the smartphone while watching TV, listening to radio, enjoying live music or attending a sports event. There is not need to type anything, just let the smartphone listen and experience the magic.

Project Manager


We are searching a Project Manager that helps us implement our Tonio soulutions at our local customers.


  • Help our clients to setup the Tonio eco system
  • Consult on technical issues and products
  • Troubleshoot issues yourself or work with support
  • work closely with product development and tech team to find the best solution
  • report on progress


  • technology background
  • strong understanding in broadcast technology
  • strong understanding in project management in a tech company
  • strong understanding of media companies workflows
  • understanding of basic programming (Javascript, node, Linux) and networking (VPN, routers, infrastucture)
  • perfect communiction skills and projectmanagement tools
  • willingness to travel
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Our unique technology transmitts data via audio. Comparable to the QR code, but better and beautiful, because inaudible and invisible. Our clients are TV stations and radio stations who are out and about delivering curated content on another screen, your smartphone.